I'm Jongjin Choi. Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

First, I introduce myself. I'm living in my life with many roles, like the husband of a beautiful woman, the father of the cutest son, the co-maker of co-living space known as Hive Arena.

I share my roles and interests more details below;

As an Individual

As a father

I have a son who is 19 months old. He is so cute and handsome. haha!! When my wife was pregnant, and my son was born, I actively participated. And I'm focused on care about him. Some people called me 'latte papa.' As a father, my biggest concern is making an environment for my kid to grow well, accept and respect just human beings without prejudice, stereotypes regardless of races, countries, religions. And I hope he feels grateful for his natural luck and environment.

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As a husband

I met a beautiful woman as my wife, through twitter six years ago. And I love to do housework like washing dishes, cleaning my house, caring for my son, etc.. I think household affairs requires a lot of physical strength and time. But in my country, there is a traditional gender role that has been handed down from a long time ago. Males should earn money at work as the head of their family. There is a false belief that men should not do housework for, especially babyboomer generation. In opposite, females should take care of household affairs for their family, like caring for kids, washing dishes, cooking some foods. All about housework is women's business. I believe this is very wrong. And I'm trying to make small changes in the big challenge.