Hi, I’m Jongjin Choi.

That’s right. I’m Jongjin Choi. I’m a husband, and I will be a father soon after May 2018. I’m so excited, and a little worried.

I’m running a coworking and coliving space now after October 2017. Its name is Hive Arena. I started it four years ago. It was only coworking space. I met over 300 digital nomads and indie hackers in my coworking space. They are looking for suitable accommodation to meet like-minded people. I changed a model to coliving. Our members are usually software engineers.

I’m also a WordPress developer. I made several websites with WordPress. and I’m studying PHP and HTML/CSS, Javascript to build a theme and plugin.

  • Platum
    Platum is one of top 3 korean startup media companies. I contracted as a freelance with them when they started their service. I planned and developed all about their website.
  • Besuccess
    Besuccess is one of top 3 korean startup media, too. I contracted as a freelance with them. And I moved their web server developed their renewal website.
  • Waffle
    Waffle is a korean startup. They don’t have a homepage.
  • 창업진흥원
  • Supernova
  • Social Innovation Camp Seoul
  • 한중청년불패
  • Hive Arena
  • Herstory

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