This post is from my experience. I tried to install ghost on DigitalOcean, but I failed because I didn't read their getting started correctly.

Create the droplet for your website.

You should sign in DigitalOcean and click the "Create"(it is a green color) button. Choose the "Droplets" in the dropdown menu. And click "Marketplace" in the horizontal menuโ€”search "Ghost" and Enter.

And choose a Basic plan. Click the left arrow button and choose a $5/month plan. It is enough for you if you start your blog. DigitalOcean suggests a $40/month plan with a standard option. I think it is expensive now for you. And choose a data center region you want. I chose the Singapore region because I live in South Korea.

Choose the SSH Keys method in Authentication. It is more secure than a password. If you don't have an SSH Keys, you make it. Enable backup is your choice. And click the "Create Droplet" button. And you are waiting for mins until creating a droplet will be done.

Setting up a domain.

Before you install Ghost on DigitalOcean, I recommend you set up an A record from your custom domain(e.g., to the server's IP address. Because you change the DNS setting of your domain, it takes 24~48 hours to update across global fully.

After creating your droplet, you click the red dox area. And choose "add a domain.". You will move to the networking page. Enter your custom domain(e.g., and click the "add domain" button.

If you click your custom domain name, you can find A record point to your droplet's IP address. And I recommend you change your domain nameserver in your domain registrar company like google domain, Godaddy, Namecheap. I'm using Namecheap because their products are at a reasonable price, and the support system is excellent.

You change the Nameserver from your domain registrar to DigitalOcean. Enter the follwing nameservers:


A record pointed to your droplet's IP Address is done. You are ready to install Ghost on terminal.

Install Ghost on terminal

ssh root@use_your_droplet_ip

From a terminal on your local computer, connect to the your droplet as root. You can find your droplet IP on your project page.

Copy it and paste after @. And enter, you will see the message, "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? And submit, "Yes." You connect again, you'll see the installation do its work:

And you make sure that when you visit your url, it redirects you to your new Ghost installation like below.

Once that DNS record is working, we can go back to our terminal to continue installation. Enter your custom domain url. In my case, I have a domain named I use it.

You should enter:

  • Enter your custom domain URL
  • Enter your email address(For SSL Certificate)

The installation completed, and we'll have

  • The new domain pointed to new Ghost installation
  • An SSL Certificate that our site is https

Just try!!

If the installation was successful, you could see the message above.

Ghost was installed successfully! To complete setup of your publication, visit:

Setting your ghost dashboard.

Great!! Visit the URL, and you'll be able to see your new Ghost dashboard!

Follwing their dashboard setting. When setting is complete, you will see like the below. Congratulation! ๐ŸŽ‰ For now, enjoy your new ghost site!!
Thanks. Happy blogging!!

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